Kuidas me muudame Maailma / How we change the World

Submitted by Mutts fan Katie Rosebrock.


Shtinky is so lovely and brave – whether he is campaigning
for the endangered animals of the world,
trying to get shelter animals adopted,
or simply making the world a little better by hugging

He never gives up (not even when faced with the skepticism of Sourpuss). Shtinky’s pure heart makes him one of the most enlightened character.
And, I think, what we most admire in him, is his persistent and wonderful pursuit of change through individual action in a seemingly indifferent world.

Todays picture, reminds me of two important moments in my childhood
that still shape me and my life today. First – the fun I used to have blowing seeds off from dandelions and the second – is the memory of anxiety and fear I felt when I realised, that I am only one very small person in a very big world,
a tiny dot in the grand scheme of things, and what difference can one person make in the world? Did I matter at all…?
Now when I’m older (and hopefully a bit wiser…:) I understood that one person can make a really big change, and we all matter very much.

As a child, I was fascinated with dandelions. I loved to watch bright yellow flowers turn into puffy white spheres. The magical transformation created seemingly overnight and from a natural ‚toy’. In spite of my mother, who only saw extra weeding come springtime, I would run up to each flower and excitedly blow all the seeds off.Smiling when soft wind picked them up and took them away. Fortunately for me we lived in an area with lots of grass so there was never a shortage of dandelion toys. When I first saw that comics picture, I didn’t understand Shtinky’s comment: “I don’t know my own strength.” “C’omon… how strong do you have to be to blow seeds off a dandelion?” I thought.

Then it dawned on me – In blowing those seeds, Shtinky is helping to spread the most powerful force on the planet – LIFE.
The simple puff on the dandelion with spread many seeds, which, in turn,
will spread many more seeds and on and on…

Scientists say that one dandelion head contains approximately 100 seeds, and that a single plant can produce as many as 2,000 seeds in a season.
In fact, it has been estimated that more than 97,000,000 seeds/hectare could be produced every year by a stand of dandelions. Now, that’s really is some life force!

Often the smallest things make the biggest change…

A smile for the tired cashier in supermarket or to sulky co-worker or just a little phone-call or e-mail to friend just to say “hello, I care about you,
and I’m thankful that you are in my life”, putting a little extra effort and shine into life.These smiles and expressions of love can make a world to changes, like dandelion seeds lifted into the breeze. Imagine how one simple act of kindness, plants more and more seeds for more and more similar acts…
And how that an ever expanding stand of people might produce 97000000 acts of kindness in a single year… ! Just one day, one act, is not enough to – save the whales, endangered tigers or help unwanted pets in the shelters.
But lots of days with many simple and guileless acts of pure hearted courage, will accumulate and spread more of such acts and take root just as surely as there will be dandelions next spring.

Shtinky was right – we don’t know our own strength… ;)




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  1. Tom
    dets. 02, 2007 @ 21:47:46

    Hea lugu! :o)
    Väärt mõte sees!

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